All Occasions...One Company

Exquisite O has a team that will provide delectable meals and pastries at your desire. Our services include scheduling tastings as well.

Building good relationships is key when planning events.  Staying in contact with venue Representative will also make your plans come to life.

Onsite Coordination


This committed team serves strongly to prepare a breathtaking scene that we hope you would be proud of.

Licensed Ceremony


Event Planning

Our team will schedule a time to meet with you, listen to your ideas, secure budget so that we can begin this journey with you.

Our Services

Vendor Contract Negotiation

If needed we have (2) licensed Ministers serving on staff. You can assure your ceremony will be conducted with high standards.

Exquisite O will be at your side from your first idea to the last reception dance. No need to clean up, Exquisite O has that covered. We will work with you to create your dream day. Exquisite O is there to make your dream day a reality from start to end. We take pride in providing the utmost in quality service. 

We have good relationships with our vendors, who have served us well within budgetary pricing and presentation.  We are committed to do the same with vendors if your choosing.